Custom Requests

Got something else in mind?

In addition to our standard product line, we routinely take custom requests from amp & cab builders, musicians, professional studios, and others who have a specific vision for their project.

In some cases, we're making one-off, unique designs for these clients, while in other cases we are working with amp builders to provide them with consistently high-quality shells for their finished builds in order to optimize their production process.

Implicit Audio's owner and lead product designer Mike has experience as a design engineer in the pro audio industry and as a fabrication consultant in the architectural industry, so you can rest assured that your design will be in skilled hands.

In order to provide an accurate quote for fabrication, we first need to draw up your design in order to know exactly how much material and machine time your project will need.

To draw up your design, program the machines, and provide a quote for fabrication, we ask for a nonrefundable deposit which varies according to the complexity of your project. This deposit is an indication of commitment to your project, and will be credited off the final invoice.

We offer two tiers of custom service:

Tier 1 - Modify dimensions of an existing product

Tier 1 requests are applicable if you'd like to modify the dimensions of one of our existing products, and the deposit varies based on the number of dimensions to be modified:

One dimension: C$50
Two dimensions: C$75
Three dimensions: C$90

    To make a Tier 1 request, fill out our contact form with the details of your request, and make sure to include "TIER 1" in the subject line.

    Tier 2 - Design consultation

    For more complex custom requests (e.g. rehousing an amp, adding a slant face to a product from our catalog, or using different materials) we offer a 45-minute consultation with our lead product designer for a C$150 non-refundable deposit to be credited off the final price.

    During this consultation, we'll gather all the details of your request, answer any questions you have about our fabrication process, and get to work on making your vision a reality.

    To request a Tier 2 design consultation, fill out our contact form with the details of your request, and make sure to include "TIER 2" in the subject line.

    Add-on: Assembly & wrapping

    We primarily ship unassembled kits, but we can provide assembly and wrapping services. It takes approximately 5-8 hours for our woodworker to assemble and professionally finish a cabinet.

    Cost: C$240 per cabinet + materials cost

    If you would like this service, please make sure to mention it in your request, and include links to the tolex and grill cloth that you would like to use.

    Please also keep in mind that shipping you an assembled unit will be considerably more expensive, as the shipping box will be much larger than when shipping the kit unassembled and flat-packed.