American Style Deluxe Reverb Amp Head DIY Kit

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External Dimensions: 24" x 9.5 x 8.5" (W x H x D)

Chassis Cutout: 22.625" x 1.77" (45mm)

Material: 18mm Baltic birch plywood shell, 12mm Baltic birch baffles

Weight: approximately 13 lbs

Parts Included: Baltic birch wood parts, handle, feet, T-nuts, bolts, screws, finishing washers

Note: This kit comes flat-packed and does not include any electronics or chassis parts.


The benefit of using CNC fabrication is the extreme control over dimensions and tolerances. We’ve listened to customer feedback and adjusted our tolerances to fit most scenarios. Parts slot together with ease and confidence, and we’ve left plenty of room for grille cloth and Tolex between parts.

Finger Joints

Using modern finger joint techniques that are unique to the CNC process, we’ve developed an amp head that is extremely rugged when properly assembled. The added benefit is that the parts fit together perfectly and can’t be placed in the wrong spot. These “digital finger joints” are a modern take on the classic approach by some of the best cabinet builders in the industry.

Wood quality:

The wood we use on all of our products is a voidless, furniture grade Baltic birch which provides unparalleled strength and uniformity. With undulating grain on both inside and outside faces, your amp head will look great wrapped or stained. This particular model uses 12mm Baltic birch for the shell and baffles.


As with the traditional American style amp heads, the front and back baffles are floating and fastened to internal blocking pieces. We’ve left plenty of room for Tolex and we provide all of the screws and finishing washers needed for this assembly.


Your amp head comes with a plastic dog-bone handle which is as durable as the amp head itself. The handle is attached using T-Nuts in the underside of the amp head and machine screws holding it together so that you can be sure it will never pull out of the wood.

The amp head sits on four tapered rubber feet which are attached with wood screws from the bottom. There are pilot holes included for this part of the assembly.

Assembly is easy and your amp head comes with simple to follow instructions that can be downloaded from our website. We’ve designed the product so that there is only one correct way to put it together and so we encourage first time builders to join in on the fun of building their own custom amp head.