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What our customers are saying:

"The interactions were consistently professional. They were genuinely interested in my objectives: they listened, asked great questions and suggested ideas accordingly. The cabs are made of very good ply birch material. Finally, the joints are immaculate. Very high marks for quality, speed, and ease!"


What our customers are saying:

"What I really liked about dealing with Implicit Audio for this project is that they were open to my ideas and were able design and build exactly what I wanted. Also the quality of wood used was excellent. I would recommend Implicit Audio's work/cabs to anyone looking for a speaker cabinet."


What our customers are saying:

"A great cab in the end if you ask me. I did not know Mike from Implicit Audio before reaching out for an order, yet all our email exchanges made me feel I was dealing with an old friend. A great product! I strongly recommend Implicit Audio if you are looking for a great cab -- you'll save hours of work that you can put to practice your guitar."


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Assemble with ease.

We've added a modern twist to traditional finger joinery techniques in an effort to make your new cabinet assembly, well...effortless. You'll just need some clamps, wood glue, and thirty minutes.

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We believe custom and customer go hand in hand. Whether it's a modified version of our existing products or something completely new, let us help to turn your vision into reality.

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